Even Faster

We use fewer, modular components to construct our building modules including: Modular Wall/Floor/Roof systems (panels); prefabricated large/complex components including jumbo flat-pack panels, bathrooms, kitchens, mechanical/electrical rooms and wet walls.

Projects can be completed up to 75% faster

  • Incorporation of automation and world-class manufacturing techniques to accelerate our factory including: pre-assembled interior walls, wiring harnesses and plumbing sub-assemblies; and refined supply chain

  • Automated panel prep coming

  • Forward Modular’s operations are built on LEAN methodologies throughout every aspect of the business: Design, Engineering, Project Management, Supply Chain, Production, Transportation and On-Site Construction

  • When the benefits of modular construction and our LEAN methodologies are utilized to their fullest, projects can be completed up to 75% faster (versus 30-60% faster with modular alone and extended schedules for conventional construction methods)

  • Winter construction-ready without the need for hoarding

  • Quick to lock up

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